First Stop Family Mediation

Fiona Sawkins - FMC Accredited (0970A) Lawyer Mediator and Child Inclusive Mediator


Divorce and separation is never easy and couples planning to separate or divorce need to make important decisions about their children and finances.

Quite often couples find it difficult to talk to one another and don't really know where to start. Mediation may be the answer.

Family mediation can resolve issues arising before, during or after separation or divorce. It is a managed process, structured to help couples resolve the arrangements for their children and finances in a constructive way.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process, offering each person the chance to explain their thoughts about the issues, concerns and hopes to each other in a safe and neutral environment in the presence of a qualified professional.

The mediator will help you to explore options, assess your proposals, guiding you to reach acceptable and workable solutions and to reach an outcome that remains entirely under your control.

Mediation can often be the answer to your communication problems and help you to resolve important family issues.